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Thank you for planning to visit Cook County,MN! Our area has a long history of welcoming visitors to share in the splendors of the North Shore and Gunflint Trail. In fact, the Gunflint Trail Association was among the first tourism associations to be established in the state on Minnesota back in 1936. Over 80% of our local economy is tourism reliant, however, sustainable growth and community well-being is our top priority. As you plan your visit, please follow these requests to ensure that you remain protected as well as protect our residents from this pandemic as best as possible.

What to expect this season  in Cook County, MN

  1. CDC Recommendations: Latest recommendations for travel and if you are Vaccinated and Traveling. MN Stay Safe Plan COVID-19 Updates and Information
  2. Stay home if you are sick. If you are sick or have had contact with someone who is sick, do not go out in public. Contact your local clinic for advice on what to do next and notify any businesses or people you have encountered.
    Consult the CDC for the proper safety steps if you are sick
  3. Be proactive about hygiene. While traveling and entering businesses, please be extra vigilant to wash your hands, wear cloth face masks and respect the rules and signage posted at the various businesses. Individual businesses have procedures in place to keep patrons and employees safe, please respect those rules and plans they have implemented. Follow the CDC and MDH recommendations for hand-washing and hygiene efforts.  
  4. Have patience. Businesses are restructuring how they provide services to visitors to keep you and their employees safe. Some communal amenities may not be open for use. As restrictions change, please be patient as they are implemented locally. Find local businesses hours
  5. Be careful and practice extreme safety. As a small rural community, we have limited health care resources. In addition, be considerate of the fact that our Emergency Management Services and Fire Departments are all volunteer based. While our emergency services personnel are professionally trained and dedicated to keeping our community safe, taking an unnecessary risk puts these volunteers at increased risk.
  6. Practice physical distancing. Follow the recommended social distancing guidelines and maintain a 6’ distance between yourself and people outside of your group. Stay with your party and do not integrate or push yourself into people outside of your own family unit or traveling group. 
  7. The Community is prepared. For the 2021 season, with restrictions easing, guests are able to visit our local grocery stores and restaurants by following the protocols they have in place. Find Local Retail Businesses and hours here and Local Dining Businesses and hours here.  
  8. Stay longer. Why not stay awhile and get to know us better! Extending your stay will not only be beneficial to your mental well-being but it will also allow you to dive a little deeper and explore the wonders of our area

We look forward to sharing our unique area with you again when you are ready.  Click here to read more about what to expect this season on the North Shore and Gunflint Trail. 


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