Dust off those canoe paddles and air out your canvas canoe packs. It’s time to start planning your family’s Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) adventure.

The difference between a good trip and a great one often comes down to having the right gear available. You don’t want to get stuck in the rain without good rain gear, for example. Achieving a good balance between essential and nice to have often takes a few trips to work out. Of course, every BWCAW visitor has different preferences, goals and skills that make their packing lists unique.

Our essential BWCAW packing guide is the culmination of years of experience. We drew on our own previous trips, and we spoke with many regional outfitters for their recommendations for families.

This guide is meant for families to use as a starting point. We’ve covered the basics. It’s up to you to fill in the gaps for your family’s adventure. Download the guide and start planning your family’s next adventure.

See you in the BWCAW!

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